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Man, it's been one of those days. Ended up waking up late for New Year's dinner to find that my mum was late getting dinner prepared. Ended up helping with that. We fried about 15 lbs. of chicken, made homemade mashed potatoes and gravy, sweat peas, collards, black-eyed peas, mac n' cheese, corn muffins, and some brown and serve rolls. Then I got to do the dishes and clean up because I didn't want her to have to do it (she had stepped away to deliver some food to my aunt).

Basically my day went to hell. I had some stuff I had to do and I BARELY made the deadline.

I need to go shopping tomorrow and then Tuesday is the dreaded Hematologist's appointment so they can pull a freaking 5 gallon bucket of blood out of me for more tests (ALL THE BLOOD. ALL OF IT).

Wednesday I'm going to do a "online mixer" for my Aeon guys since we haven't seen each other in almost a month. Stupid adult responsibilities.

Oh, whoever sent these crystal skulls for an X-mas present, har har har. (No, seriously, it's hilarious. Where did you get them you magnificent bastard? My current supers campaign has crystal skulls as a theme and I thought this was awesome as hell.)

Ah well. Off to do more work.
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