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Blargh. Been a bit off lately due to some fatigue. Probably depression (holidays suck around here - too many people died around them), the weather (mother nature hates us all), excess blood cells (yay, polycythemia!), or maybe a bit of all of them.

Finished up the last PC for the Aeon "V-Team" today - well I'm FINISHING up the PC. Still need to use Vehicles to knock out a battlesuit. I need to also chart plots and stuff, but that never takes me long. I do have some troubles:

1) I need to stat out a "rewind time" power.
2) I need to work up some other time powers.
3) I need to create some orichalcum weapons and a shield.

I woke up late today from a twisted dream. In it Nimbus and I were sitting on a park bench staring at the sun. There was a clockwork frog sitting next to us with three clockwork flies. Then, sunday the sun *shifted* 180 degrees and we were...somewhere else. Like in the shadows of the real world, but not. Then Nimbus began to speak to me "Oh, boy. You're not supposed to be here." I of course, freaked out because my cat was talking. Then a man in a white rabbit head/mask appeared with a pocket watch.

"Finally. A successor," it said and removed the mask. It was just a guy. He explained that I could see the cracks in things and that was how the light got in (Leonard Cohen in my dreams, man.). That the world was full of cracks that let you travel to other dimensions. And that's when things went CRAZY NUTS. Somehow, the White Rabbit took me into the fourth dimension and I was a hyper-fractalized being spinning in and out of existence. Then we went through a door and into this...place. It was some sort of pocket dimension filled with knick knacks from all over the world and time. WR explained that he wasn't the first White Rabbit nor was the man before him. It was a title passed down as was "the Alice" (but he never explained that in the dream). His job was to keep the dimensions separate but partially conjoined. Since I saw the crack if was now my job as his successor to take up the mantle. Then he showed me this room where everything was two-dimensional and I became two-dimensional and then another room where I became one-dimensional. Just a point in space. It was so disturbing that I woke up with a start and took a while to get back to sleep. Crazy right?
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