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...and I'm making too much blood. Abnormal even for my abnormality. My hematocrit - how much of my blood is hemoglobin vs. plasma/serum - raises about 0.033% per day (normally). When I get a phlebotomy (my hematocrit must be higher than 45.0%) they drain me until it's less than 42%. Thus it takes about 3 months for me to go back up. This has been the pattern for a LONG time (pretty much since diagnosis). But something changed. Maybe it's because they took the PICC out or maybe it's because of all the stress lately (stress has a huge impact with this disease - Polycythemia Vera if you don't know). My last infusion visit was 11/7/16 - so 57 days. When I went in for an emergency visit today my hematocrit was 56.8% (at 60% the chance that you die from a stroke/heart attack/etc. raises exponentially. 67% or higher is where you have to be hospitalized and bleed hourly. Since my previous numbers were 41.6%...this means my hematocrit rose a SHARP 0.26% every day. It's why I had headaches, soreness, fatigue, and lethargy at the last half of last month.

So they're getting me into an emergency appointment at the infusion center sometime this week and doing cancer screens. Polycythemia Vera often turns into cancer for most folks. It may not for me because I don't have the typical version (YAY ME). But they want to make sure. Which I'm good with. It's unlikely as hell (don't worry!), but I'm nervous about it.

Whew. Back to the work mines. I plan on taking off a week on Friday to play Diablo's Darkening of Tristram event.
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