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I spent all day in bed yesterday. Migraine. Bad one. Likely due to my high hematocrit. Got a bunch of test results back via the 'Net (yay for modern medical tech!). Ferritin is law, but still normal, Iron is abnormal - but it always is. I have naturally high iron levels and naturally low salt, potassium, and magnesium levels. 'Cause reasons.

Best of all...no cancer proteins - and they scanned for EVERYTHING. So that's something. Of course, no one expected it to come back positive.

I went shopping today and spent about $200 for a month's supply. Really, I got about $400 worth of stuff ($120 worth of spices for $30 - CLEARANCE FOR THE WIN!).

I got another 40 lbs. of chicken and 10 lbs. of center cut pork chops for less than $41. I also bought another 20 lbs. of Basmati Rice because when a 10 lb bag is $5 you shut up and buy it. I've been limiting myself to 2 bags per month and I'm only using 1 bag (less than one really). I didn't get as much fresh fruit or veggies as I would have liked, but I've enough. I also bought 10 lbs. of butter so I can make ghee. I found chickpeas for SUPER cheap ($0.40/can) and stocked up on those and coconut milk ($1/can). Basically, I stocked the crap out of my stores. Current trend holds for my food consumption I should have enough to last me to 56 days from now - and that's not even eating the "dregs".

I'm going back to sleep. My head hurts and I have a few things I need to do before I play down.
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