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They took another 2 pints today. I *feel* okay, but a bit tired. They've taken about 4 pints of blood inside of two days. My hematocrit has decreased significantly and the headaches, respiratory issues, and aches have either diminished or disappeared. Basically. I'm feeling great. Also, everything has a sort of...hmmm...shine. Much like how I felt when I first started treatment for my polycythemia. Two days in a row the nurse has done damn near perfect. She took something that could have been horrible for me and turned it into an almost pleasant experience.

Oh, I did a year in review post over at my blog: http://www.ravensnpennies.com/2017/01/carpe-blogiem-2016-year-in-review.html#.WHWaxPkrKM8
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I have been insanely busy the last few weeks. Still getting regular blood draws to reduce my hematocrit level and last Friday was the first time where it was at the level it was supposed to be so they didn't take any. My stepfather died last week and I'm just not sure how I feel about it. I won't get into it in this post, but he basically was a mean son-of-a-bitch and he was abusive.

Also, my cousin who basically scammed my mother a couple of weeks ago got his. He lost athumb in a work accident. He's doing ok, I guess. I still haven't talked ot him I heard through a mutual friend. Funny thing is the amount of money he'd get for being maimed in a settlement is almost the exact amount of money he owed my mother. I guess I got my pound of flesh.

I had a bad bout of insomnia last week too, stayed awake nearly six days. Finally took meds on Sunday and slept for nearly 12 hours straight, then I woke up late today after another 12 hour stint. Guess I needed the sleep. I did manage to get a bunch of stuff done though. Playtesting has proceeded on my and Antoni's Dungeon Fantasy book and the playtesters are putting the supplement though its paces.

My "Cursed Thou Art" Pyramid article got out there. For all the forum posts looking for tools to create new Divine Curses...nary a peep. More than that, I finally gave people a way to create the "Murphyonic Feild" from the Dresden's Files in GURPS and...nothing. Though it does seem that it's been rated overall pretty well. So that's something.

I'm off to do some more work. Gotta go down into the word mines. Later y'all.

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I play videogames pecularily. I won't play any games at all for weeks or months on end and then I will spend several days binging. I'm talking 14 to 18 hour days of nothing but playing the game. Then I'll reach a point where I'm done and don't want to play no more. I hit that point last night (thus I've been quiet here for the last few days). I need to read that GURPS thing that [livejournal.com profile] archangelbeth sent me and then give her my notes. I'm going to do that tonight after I finish my work schedule for the next month. I've usually done this as a mental thing - but I've decided to try to do physical schedule and see if I can up my productivity even more. We'll see. I'm feeling pretty good, but I slept in late. Bad dreams. My next infusion appointment (to remove excess blood) is Friday and then Saturday I'm going to visit a friend for a few weeks. Then back home. Anyways...I'm off to write all the words and read all the things.
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So over the last few days one of the things I've been busy with medical stuff. TL; DR, I have primary polycythemia - this means I make too many red blood cells, and it causes my blood to "thicken." It's dangerous if left untreated, and it appears mine is due to a genetic anomoly. Actually, several genetic anomolies, whcih my doctor has never seen before. The DNA sequencing over week's past came back with some odd results, and he's since farmed it out to other places to see if they have seen any of my anomolies before. He's guessing that they are related to blood and immune response. He did the DNA sequence because when he checked my clotting factor, it was too short. After about two hours of more patient history, he came to the conclusion that he needed to know more. Thus the sequencing. A few oddities about my physiology that I knew, but sort of ignored:

* I don't get sick often - when I need to lay down it's almost entirely a glucose imbalance and not from actually being ill with a cold or flue. So far, I've gotten sick once this year (con-crud) and twice last year (flus). Year before that I wasn't ill at all, and I get sick twice the two years prior to that. Basically, once my glucose was under control, I stopped getting ill.
* I've never broken a bone. Not once in my entire life. I've never fractured anything. I've dislocated LOTS of stuff though, and I've bruised my shin bone before - it sucks, don't ever do it.
* I heal rapidly. My surgery to remove the abscess in 2011 and the resulting wound should have taken me around six months to fully heal - I did it in 2.5 months. I rarely bruise and while I do scar, most small injures heal inside three or four days.
* Pain doesn't bother me really. I've an extraordinarily high pain threshold. For example, I was six when I managed to step on a roofing nail (a very large nail nearly half a foot long), and it went through my foot. I walked home to tell my mom who promptly freaked out. I was fine. Since then I've endured a lot of physical trauma and it just sort of slides off me. Though getting blood drawn makes me squicky (probably a psychological thing).

The doctor thinks it might be related some how, and I sure can't blame him for thinking that. It'd be kind of cool to get a disorder named after me though... ;-)

It's odd, but I feel SO MUCH BETTER after they pulled 1,000cc of blood out of me. It took nearly two hours to get it all out and replace some of it with saline. The nurse I had - M - was just top notch. I mean TOP NOTCH. I told her I was squeamish about needles and blood coming from my body in a hospital setting (I know, specific right? I can bleed profusely from cuts or whatever, and it doesn't bother me - but them drawing blood? *thud*). She had me lounging back with a pillow under my head, a cold cloth over eyes, so I couldn't see, water with straw in my hand, and TALKED the entire time. Not stopping once. She got a rythem going and despite how stubborn my blood was (my hematocrit was 55%, and it should be 42% or less, at most 45%) so got it out. Again, everything feels so vivid. Colors seem brighter. My senses are on fire with stimuli. My mind is so much clearer...it's like I was half asleep, and the blood loss woke me up. How strange is that? The PIC line they put in is a bit annoying, but I don't see it coming out any time soon. They might have to put in a port because I am so squeamish. We'll see. I could be lucky and only have to come back every couple of months or more...or I could be one of those that have to be bled weekly. I'm sure I'll get used to it. They snuck me up for a bone density scan while I was waiting for the infusion center to call and confirmed that my bones are extremely dense (average T-score is -1 to 1 and mine was like a 10ish).

So one fun thing that happened is that while at the hospital in the elevator, there was this one nurse who was really crushing on this other nurse. Guy nurse didn't notice the girl, but Y.T., being overly (and annoyingly) perceptive did notice. So, being the wiseass that I am I started humming "Part of Your World." Girl nurse starts blushing furiously and runs when the door opens. Light-headed from the PIC line, I decide to stop guy-nurse, "Hey, are you single?" I ask. He replies "Oh, dude, I'm not gay." There is much awkward silence before I continue, "Neither am I. But that girl has a yen for you BAD." He replies "Oh. I really like [nurse's name], but I don't think she even notices me. I'm playing it cool." I shook my head, "No, dude. NO." "Go talk to her. She likes you. Trust me." I said. He rushes after her & the last thing I see as I go to the infusion center is them talking. That's me. Christopher, killing the "playing it cool" approach one guy at a time. I shall look in on my matchmaking efforts next week.

I'm nearly done with the last character update for my campaign and after that I'm going to veg out on videogames all weekend to try to relax. [livejournal.com profile] archangelbeth sent me this really cool GURPS thing I need to poke at. She really thought outside of the box on this one. It's a neat concept. But I want to make sure I got all my brain cells before I start poking at it in depth. Blargh. Off to do some work. Y'all have a good weekend.

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A quick update. I'm back home from the hospital after some minor surgery and getting blood drawn. I'll update more tomorrow maybe, but I'm tired and have stuff to finish before I can try to relax and let my body do its healing thing. I live. I'm ok. Ciao.
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And the news is good! My bill of cardiovascular health is as clean as my overall health. The doctor actually told me that MY health was better than HERS (in a rather disgusted tone I might add). They did find the scar tissue from my micro-heart attack last year, but my heart was in good order. I find this odd because I do not exercise or eat particularly healthy. I watch what I eat (no refined sugar, very few fried foods, lots of baked stuff, fish), but I don't really restrain myself. I personally need around 180 carbs a day - I know, some of you are staring at me right now, but trust me, I tried to make due on 90, 120, and 150 and it felt like I was half-dead. Even the doc says I have a strangely high metabolism - I just can't seem to lose weight. Still looking forward to DNA sequencing, I hope they let me have a copy. Tomorrow I'll be blitzing out my character creation guidelines for my campaign - Sicatra - and then having a lunch with some friends I haven't seen in quite a while. Friday, I head back to the hospital to do a bunch more vascular tests (just to be sure) and a stress test (weee!). The doctor said not to be worried, but it's always good to double check. My cousin arrived back home today with her girlfriend of the week, I hope she settles on someone eventually. And that's not me being a jerk about it - she kind of goes through people like a bunch of paper dolls. No one deserves that. Ah well, off to bed I think.


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