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Ever since @sigynlocke handed me Desperation Stephen King has been one of my favorite authors. That book sent chills up and down my spine. When I decided finally I wanted to actually reach for the stars and try to write for a living it was Stephen King I wanted to be like. Anyways, to the story at hand - I saw this tweet by @wilw (his blogpost about it here) and decided to give it ago. Putting a short story I wrote sometime ago in the engine I ended up with, you guessed it, Stephen King. This just makes me stupidly happy.

I write like

Stephen King

I Write Like. Analyze your writing!


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So something odd happened the other night. While toiling away in the word mines looking for some good prose my phone decided to record the conversation I was having with myself. Lets not get into the fact that I talk to myself. I do it. It's how I think. Lets leave it at that. No. I want to talk about how my phone decided to record right at that moment. The voice activation went off and it posted from Hootsuite. These are the three tweets it tweeted for me:

And to top it off a fun fun reply from my favorite miscreant and awful person:


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