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You hear that sound? That's me screaming from 10,000 miles away. Got back thing I wrote from editor with a LOT of issues. Issues that I know for fact I fixed in revisions. This is the THIRD time this has happened in the last week with files I'd placed in my Dropbox Folder. Luckily, I only had three files in there. Because of this issue, I've added a new rule to my submission checklist:

                             "Double check material after revisions and before submission."

Sigh. Still, it wasn't that bad - my first estimates were that it was a lot worse. It wasn't. Prepare for the worst, hope for the best, expect something in between.

I have my follow-up appointment to my hetamtologist's tomorrow and my stress test/treadmill on Wednesday. Thursday I hope to see an old friend and her two newborn twins, if only for a few hours. Friday I'll be catching on on the rest of the house/domestic stuff and Saturday I'll be gaming (hopefully). I might even end up going to my friend's house before then. Don't know yet.

For now I'm going to go finish up some game stuff and maybe modify one of my Patreon specials. I've got some more data on how a smithy functons and I want to include at least some of it.

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I barely slept last night. I went to bed on time so that I could get enough sleep to take the various medical tests and exams I needed too today. But my sleep was troubled by a particularly nasty night terror that involved a family I know being haunted by a shadowy figure. Turns out that sometimes you really shouldn't write about things that terrify you. This creature is going to be released next month on my Patreon, where I've wrote about it in ghoulish and exacting detail. But damn if it didn't crawl under my skin, carve it free, and wear it like a cloak. I musth ave woke up three or four times screaming as every time I woke up the dream "paused" and then "played" when I slept again. I just couldn't go to the doctor's office. I was too exahusted. I've rescheduled for next week sometime along with my follow-up at the hematologist's office.

I went back to sleep after doing the rescheduling and stayed passed out to nearly 4pm after my sister texted me worried. My new printer arrived (see pictures below!) and I put it all together and everything was great until my docking station DIED. If had known that it was going to die so horribly I wouldn't have bought the damn printer. Sigh. If it's not one thing, it's another. Now I need to figure out how to scrape up money for that. It wouldn't be so bad, but it's severely impacting my workflow and that's simply not acceptable.

I'm about 60% of the way through my revision of my player "handbook" for my GURPS Dungeon Fantasy campaign "Sicatra," all I have left to do is add how the magical system works. Should be more or less easy. And speaking of Dungeon Fantasy, the book that Antoni Ten Monrós and I are writing together has gone through its first round of revisions, I expect to be turning that in soon. I've got a good solid idea for another book, but I'll first need to get this one put to bed.

Ah well, off to the word mines I go, heigh-ho-heigh-ho-heigh-ho.

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OH, DEAR GLOB SO MUCH BLARGH. I've spent a good chunk of today researching how to use the Search function for Microsoft Office. I've found a few guides, but oddly enough, the best one was on Microsoft's site. (If you are a writer and have Office...GO. READ. THE. DAMN. GUIDE. You will thank me later.) After that I realized that the formatting in my Dungeon Fantasy Sekrit Project had randomly (and I do mean randomly) de-applied some style types and formatting. Three bloody hours later I've got it fixed. Meanwhile, [livejournal.com profile] archangelbeth has done some more editing. Latest bit of snark: "These don't look like Monopoly names." Holy hell that woman makes me laugh at myself and learn at the same time. That's what makes a good teacher. After making some more headway on another Pyramid article, I shut down the "for work" folder and opened up my "for gaming" folder.

One (very bright) spot: while I lost a patron over on my Patreon, my overall funding increased. I'm still a bit gobsmacked and humbled by it all. I guess I made the right choice, though only time will tell. I think I did. I hope I did. The "professioning" of my blog continues, as has been pointed out ot me recently, I have crossed the line from "gaming enthusiast" to "gaming professional" somewhere in the last several months and my current standards are just too low. I need to do better. I will do better. To that end, I'm going to be slowly going over my blog in the next several months and editing old posts to fit my new standards for grammar, adding headers, reorganizing in some cases, etc. Anyways, off to work on my game and then head to bed early. I have a doctor's appointment at the vascular and vein doctor in the afternoon.

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Blargh. Trying to set realistic goals and rewards for Patreon is bloody hard. I need to cultivate a longterm base/relationship for my patrons - and I think I have for the most part - but I still get worried about it. I have a great thing going at the moment, but I have to be realistic with my time. I love my blog and I'll keep updating it until I can't and I'm truly thankful for my patrons as well, but I coudn't continue at the rate I'd set myself. And that sucks. I fiddled some more with the rewards/goals today. I hope I don't have to touch them again.

I also had this crazy wacky dream where Gandlaf and I were at a Thai place and when our food was placed in front of us he said "This pho is beyond any of you." First time in a year I woke up laughing instead of screaming. I hope that's a good sign. I'm going to go blitz some of my game stuff now. Hopefully that'll be done in a few days with the right tinkering.


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